Steve Harvey + Miss Universe Pageant = Disaster

Steve Harvey Image Credit: EOnline

So, we all remember Steve Harvey’s mistake he made during the Miss Universe Pageant last year, right? How could you not! Let me just get this out of the way first; I was actually watching the competition and when I witnessed what had happened, my mouth literally dropped open from shock. You could feel the tension burning out of the TV.

For those of you who have been living under a rock and have no clue what I’m talking about, let me bring you up to date. Mr. Harvey has hosted the Miss USA pageant multiple times throughout his career with little to no problems, might I add. Well, in 2016 when it was the moment everyone had spent all night waiting for, Mr. Harvey released the name of the winner; Miss Columbia, Ariadna Gutierrez. The crowd went nuts, the previous pageant winner had come out and put her crown on. She even done the famous loop around WALK!! Then, Harvey dropped the bombshell that Miss Guiterrez had not in fact won, it was Pia Wurtzbach, who was Miss Philippines. Talk about AWKWARD.

Now that everyone is on the same page, let me rant some more about poor Harvey. Of course, after this happened it was all over the media for days on end. Rumors flooded the headlines that Ariadna and Pia hated Harvey, while everyone and their mother was putting their opinions on social media. Turns out that the contestants were both considerate and understanding of the terrible mistake and hoped Harvey had learned from it (don’t we all).

What is so great of this crisis is the way Harvey controlled himself in the situation and after. Cool, calm and collected. He was very apologetic, as any normal human being would be, and now to this day, he jokes about it. That’s the best thing about Mr. Harvey. He’s one of the few celebrities that can take their mistakes and laugh about them, laugh about their self.

Steve continues to host the Miss Universe pageants and has discussed an “escape plan” if he does the same thing again during this years contest. Side note: Why would the committee bring him back after the worst mistake you could make on live TV? Lets say it together, RATINGS RATINGS RATINGS! Because, who really watches these pageants anymore? If there’s nothing else to watch, then I will. Now, of course it was a rhetorical plan, but still shows Steve’s humor in continuing to work through his great mistake.

Steve’s Miss USA crisis could have brought bad blood to his career and reputation, but because of the way he did and continues to push through the mistake, he is still striving and probably stronger than ever career-wise. You go Steve, you go.

** The 2017 Miss Universe pageant will be held on May 14th. Probably on Fox. **


2 thoughts on “Steve Harvey + Miss Universe Pageant = Disaster

  1. I remember when this happened! Very nicely written and entertaining read; you know, it almost makes me wonder if the Oscars scandal was for ratings as well…it seems as if tv is messing up a little bit too much nowadays.


  2. This is hilarious and I didn’t even think about this as a PR crisis but it was! It was all over the media seconds after it happened and people were talking about it forever, and are still talking about it today and like you said, are making jokes about it. Steve handled the situation perfectly, he didn’t seem panicked and told the contestants and the audience with collectiveness. I like how Steve laughed at himself with the people on social media, it made the situation better, even though what happened wasn’t good and shouldn’t happen again. I believe what happened, happened on purpose, for ratings, because who really watches beauty pageants on TV anymore? I feel like everyone handled the situation perfectly and thank you for writing about this!


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