Marketing and Megan

Megan EldridgePhoto Credit: Megan Eldridge

I got the opportunity to interview Megan Eldridge, who is a Marketing Consultant with Midwest Communications. Megan attended Indiana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and Image Management. For those of you who don’t know, Midwest Communications is a radio brand based in, surprise, the Midwest. They have 72 locations based around states like Indiana, Tennessee and their hometown state, Wisconsin. So, it’s a small enough company in the media world where you kind of feel like you’re in an elite club. Cool right? Megan has worked for Midwest Communications for a little over a year now. Before she became employed, she done a Sales and Marketing internship with her current boss. Connections, am I right?

Truth: I use to work as a Street Team Member for Midwest, which is where I had briefly met Megan. After some thought, I knew she would be a great candidate for my interview. So, we talked and a few days later I was sitting down with her conducting this interview.

Megan’s typical week revolves around sales. On most days, you can catch her out of the office making appointments with future and current clients, doing copy write and voice radio advertisements, selling marketing strategies and upselling, of course. Her hours consist of 8-5 Monday thru Friday, with occasional weekend work.

While interviewing Megan, I got to hear about a time where she was extremely proud of her work. Megan had been working closely with a lady who was in the local retail business, who had signed an annual advertisement plan. Megan and her client were doing consistent meetings, where she was selling her ideas. The client ended up liking her thoughts and they started a plan to put them to use. The client’s sales are now up 100% from last year. If that doesn’t make you proud of Megan, I don’t know what will. Congrats to you, girl.

Megan also gave me some advice to guide me, and anyone reading this blog, when it comes to starting a Public Relations and Marketing career.

  1. Be outgoing – You’re going to be around current and potential clients all day, everyday. Marketing is not a career where you can be timid.
  2. Say what comes to mind – You’re going to regret not speaking up when you should have, just because you were afraid a client wasn’t going to like your thoughts. The answer will always be no if you don’t ask.
  3. Do what you think is best, especially with clients – As a Marketing Consultant, you’re the one responsible for revenue. If you feel you know the best way to bring in the bucks, go for it. There’s only two things that can happen: you succeed or learn from your mistake(s) and try again.

For more information about Megan Eldridge, feel free to connect with her LinkedIn.


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