Trump’s Tremendous Tweets

donald-trump-close-up.jpgPhoto credit: Indy100

I think we all know what made Trump the talk of the Presidential Campaign – his tweets. Trump had the ball rolling from the very beginning and continued his Twitter legacy throughout the campaign and is STILL blabbering on about anything that comes to mind. One of the things we have learned from Mr. Trump, solely based on his Twitter feed, is that he has a hard time letting things go and loves to stir the pot. Trump’s happy New Year tweet was like something a junior high girl would say about her “haters”. Trump puts stuff on Twitter just for attention. I found this tweet from last February where he said he should have known Mitt Romney could not win because when Romney asked for Trump’s endorsement, he was nothing but awkward and goofy. Who puts something like that on social media? A crying five year old looking for nothing but attention.

But guess what! These ridiculous tweets got him exactly that – attention. Whether it was good or bad, Trump had more people talking about him than anything else in the world. This is why I believe Trump had such a great campaign. Now, I don’t mean that as in I was a huge fan of what he was tweeting, but he did a great job of getting people talking. The news – local and worldwide, social media, even in elementary schools, Trump and his Twitter feed was at some point in time a topic of discussion. What’s the best way to gain followers? Bringing attention to yourself. Which is exactly what Trump did throughout the campaign.

In the beginning, I don’t believe Trump intentionally thought or knew that his benign tweets were going to get so much attention. But, once they did, I think he definitely rolled with it – and that I believe is a great campaign strategy.

P.S. – You can check out Trump’s Twitter page here. Have fun.


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