Tuition Put to Good Use

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Like every major, I am required to take specific courses that count towards my Communication degree. One of those courses happened to be a PR class. First off, I just want to acknowledge my professor who puts her heart and soul into this class and each of her students.  It definitely shows and I believe that is what made this class so meaningful to the real world. From what seems like a semester that flew by, I learned substantial career specific tasks that I wasn’t too positive I was going to learn.

When I registered for this class, my first impression of it was not very high. Maybe it was because I am so use to taking classes that don’t prepare me after graduation, rather they are just where I listen to the teacher read from PowerPoint and get stuck in a group project over a topic that has nothing to do with my career path (that was maybe a run on rant). Maybe it was because assignments in a Public Relations class can easily be turned into busy work, just so students can have a grade in the grade book.

Thankfully my assumptions were wrong. Mullen (one of the greatest professors I have had) gave the class assignments that are actually beneficial towards the communication career path. I learned how to do a press release, how to blog, how to create a business card, how to make a unique resume and how to make my part-time food joint experience sound incredible. I also learned what a LinkedIn account was (I always thought it was a dating site, hence the name) (P.S. – Don’t forget to connect with me), I learned so many essential things that every student going into a communication career should. The list could go on and on with how much stuff, small and big, I learned from this course.

Throughout the semester we used two books. The main one being a book from Chris Westfall and a general PR textbook. We had quizzes over each Westfall chapter, which was beneficial, and we only had three quizzes over the general book. That is my only dislike throughout the course. I rented the book as cheap as I could find it (around $45) to only use it three times? I’m still mad about it.

Other than that, I really wish there was an advanced Public Relations class taught by Mullen, so I could dig deeper into my career and continue to actually learn life long traits that will help me in my future PR endeavors. This class was money well spent.

Course – 10/10 – would take again

Professor – 10/10 – would recommend to anyone


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