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Like every major, I am required to take specific courses that count towards my Communication degree. One of those courses happened to be a PR class. First off, I just want to acknowledge my professor who puts her heart and soul into this class and each of her students.  It definitely shows and I believe that is what made this class so meaningful to the real world. From what seems like a semester that flew by, I learned substantial career specific tasks that I wasn’t too positive I was going to learn.

When I registered for this class, my first impression of it was not very high. Maybe it was because I am so use to taking classes that don’t prepare me after graduation, rather they are just where I listen to the teacher read from PowerPoint and get stuck in a group project over a topic that has nothing to do with my career path (that was maybe a run on rant). Maybe it was because assignments in a Public Relations class can easily be turned into busy work, just so students can have a grade in the grade book.

Thankfully my assumptions were wrong. Mullen (one of the greatest professors I have had) gave the class assignments that are actually beneficial towards the communication career path. I learned how to do a press release, how to blog, how to create a business card, how to make a unique resume and how to make my part-time food joint experience sound incredible. I also learned what a LinkedIn account was (I always thought it was a dating site, hence the name) (P.S. – Don’t forget to connect with me), I learned so many essential things that every student going into a communication career should. The list could go on and on with how much stuff, small and big, I learned from this course.

Throughout the semester we used two books. The main one being a book from Chris Westfall and a general PR textbook. We had quizzes over each Westfall chapter, which was beneficial, and we only had three quizzes over the general book. That is my only dislike throughout the course. I rented the book as cheap as I could find it (around $45) to only use it three times? I’m still mad about it.

Other than that, I really wish there was an advanced Public Relations class taught by Mullen, so I could dig deeper into my career and continue to actually learn life long traits that will help me in my future PR endeavors. This class was money well spent.

Course – 10/10 – would take again

Professor – 10/10 – would recommend to anyone


PR? What is that?

Now there’s a question I never get tired of hearing. It surprises me how many people don’t know what Public Relations is. Sometimes I think, well maybe they just don’t know what the paraphrased PR version is. But, when I actually say Public Relations they still don’t understand. If anything, people think it has something to do with working with someone famous and having control of their social media account. Which, in some cases is correct, but not so much in most. PR revolves around many aspects and challenges. Every day is a different day where you’re not sure what or who you’ll be working with. You’re not quite positive if you’ll get off of work on time or if you will have a free weekend. But, at the end of the day you enjoy your career.

PR is an ever-changing job with endless field opportunities. You can solely work in event planning, where you will be planning weddings, birthdays, parties, reunions, charities, you name it. You could work in a laid back or suit and tie PR firm, where your job would mainly be based around marketing and branding the company or you could work for a companies social media account. No matter what field you decide to go into, Public Relations is all the same. Below I have created an infographic of what I believe to be the top five PR attributes.

368 infograph

In all five of the sections, I have given a brief explanation on what I think the topic means to the PR field. Event planning, branding, media relations, internal communication and community relations are all very important to succeeding in this career. Essentially, they all come together and represent Public Relations as a whole. It doesn’t matter if you are working at a PR firm, you can bet you will still be doing some event planning and needing to keep the relationship with the surrounding communities strong. Keep in mind, this is just from my own perspective and there are plenty more attributes that make PR what it is.

What’s great with Public Relations is that if you are unsure of what part of PR you want to tackle, but know you are fit for the career, you can dabble in all different aspects by taking internships. Starting in May, I will be doing an internship with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway College Program. From there, I will be doing everything revolving around guest relations. You can find me working the ticket booths, directing parking, showing guests to their destinations, working in the office, just a little bit of everything. This will tremendously help me get a sense of what working in the racing industry will be like and it will also help me gain real world experience that will make my resume look great and help me in my future endeavors.

I hope my thoughts and insights with the Public Relations field has helped you understand even just a little bit of what PR really is and what you can accomplish in the field. I would be happy to answer any questions you may still have to my ability and you can always connect with me on LinkedIn.

Thank you for reading!

Trump’s Tremendous Tweets

donald-trump-close-up.jpgPhoto credit: Indy100

I think we all know what made Trump the talk of the Presidential Campaign – his tweets. Trump had the ball rolling from the very beginning and continued his Twitter legacy throughout the campaign and is STILL blabbering on about anything that comes to mind. One of the things we have learned from Mr. Trump, solely based on his Twitter feed, is that he has a hard time letting things go and loves to stir the pot. Trump’s happy New Year tweet was like something a junior high girl would say about her “haters”. Trump puts stuff on Twitter just for attention. I found this tweet from last February where he said he should have known Mitt Romney could not win because when Romney asked for Trump’s endorsement, he was nothing but awkward and goofy. Who puts something like that on social media? A crying five year old looking for nothing but attention.

But guess what! These ridiculous tweets got him exactly that – attention. Whether it was good or bad, Trump had more people talking about him than anything else in the world. This is why I believe Trump had such a great campaign. Now, I don’t mean that as in I was a huge fan of what he was tweeting, but he did a great job of getting people talking. The news – local and worldwide, social media, even in elementary schools, Trump and his Twitter feed was at some point in time a topic of discussion. What’s the best way to gain followers? Bringing attention to yourself. Which is exactly what Trump did throughout the campaign.

In the beginning, I don’t believe Trump intentionally thought or knew that his benign tweets were going to get so much attention. But, once they did, I think he definitely rolled with it – and that I believe is a great campaign strategy.

P.S. – You can check out Trump’s Twitter page here. Have fun.

Marketing and Megan

Megan EldridgePhoto Credit: Megan Eldridge

I got the opportunity to interview Megan Eldridge, who is a Marketing Consultant with Midwest Communications. Megan attended Indiana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and Image Management. For those of you who don’t know, Midwest Communications is a radio brand based in, surprise, the Midwest. They have 72 locations based around states like Indiana, Tennessee and their hometown state, Wisconsin. So, it’s a small enough company in the media world where you kind of feel like you’re in an elite club. Cool right? Megan has worked for Midwest Communications for a little over a year now. Before she became employed, she done a Sales and Marketing internship with her current boss. Connections, am I right?

Truth: I use to work as a Street Team Member for Midwest, which is where I had briefly met Megan. After some thought, I knew she would be a great candidate for my interview. So, we talked and a few days later I was sitting down with her conducting this interview.

Megan’s typical week revolves around sales. On most days, you can catch her out of the office making appointments with future and current clients, doing copy write and voice radio advertisements, selling marketing strategies and upselling, of course. Her hours consist of 8-5 Monday thru Friday, with occasional weekend work.

While interviewing Megan, I got to hear about a time where she was extremely proud of her work. Megan had been working closely with a lady who was in the local retail business, who had signed an annual advertisement plan. Megan and her client were doing consistent meetings, where she was selling her ideas. The client ended up liking her thoughts and they started a plan to put them to use. The client’s sales are now up 100% from last year. If that doesn’t make you proud of Megan, I don’t know what will. Congrats to you, girl.

Megan also gave me some advice to guide me, and anyone reading this blog, when it comes to starting a Public Relations and Marketing career.

  1. Be outgoing – You’re going to be around current and potential clients all day, everyday. Marketing is not a career where you can be timid.
  2. Say what comes to mind – You’re going to regret not speaking up when you should have, just because you were afraid a client wasn’t going to like your thoughts. The answer will always be no if you don’t ask.
  3. Do what you think is best, especially with clients – As a Marketing Consultant, you’re the one responsible for revenue. If you feel you know the best way to bring in the bucks, go for it. There’s only two things that can happen: you succeed or learn from your mistake(s) and try again.

For more information about Megan Eldridge, feel free to connect with her LinkedIn.

Steve Harvey + Miss Universe Pageant = Disaster

Steve Harvey Image Credit: EOnline

So, we all remember Steve Harvey’s mistake he made during the Miss Universe Pageant last year, right? How could you not! Let me just get this out of the way first; I was actually watching the competition and when I witnessed what had happened, my mouth literally dropped open from shock. You could feel the tension burning out of the TV.

For those of you who have been living under a rock and have no clue what I’m talking about, let me bring you up to date. Mr. Harvey has hosted the Miss USA pageant multiple times throughout his career with little to no problems, might I add. Well, in 2016 when it was the moment everyone had spent all night waiting for, Mr. Harvey released the name of the winner; Miss Columbia, Ariadna Gutierrez. The crowd went nuts, the previous pageant winner had come out and put her crown on. She even done the famous loop around WALK!! Then, Harvey dropped the bombshell that Miss Guiterrez had not in fact won, it was Pia Wurtzbach, who was Miss Philippines. Talk about AWKWARD.

Now that everyone is on the same page, let me rant some more about poor Harvey. Of course, after this happened it was all over the media for days on end. Rumors flooded the headlines that Ariadna and Pia hated Harvey, while everyone and their mother was putting their opinions on social media. Turns out that the contestants were both considerate and understanding of the terrible mistake and hoped Harvey had learned from it (don’t we all).

What is so great of this crisis is the way Harvey controlled himself in the situation and after. Cool, calm and collected. He was very apologetic, as any normal human being would be, and now to this day, he jokes about it. That’s the best thing about Mr. Harvey. He’s one of the few celebrities that can take their mistakes and laugh about them, laugh about their self.

Steve continues to host the Miss Universe pageants and has discussed an “escape plan” if he does the same thing again during this years contest. Side note: Why would the committee bring him back after the worst mistake you could make on live TV? Lets say it together, RATINGS RATINGS RATINGS! Because, who really watches these pageants anymore? If there’s nothing else to watch, then I will. Now, of course it was a rhetorical plan, but still shows Steve’s humor in continuing to work through his great mistake.

Steve’s Miss USA crisis could have brought bad blood to his career and reputation, but because of the way he did and continues to push through the mistake, he is still striving and probably stronger than ever career-wise. You go Steve, you go.

** The 2017 M Continue reading

Tips for Thought


My first blog post will be revolved around blogging tips, ironic as that sounds. I have never thought of myself as becoming a blogger, but since it has become a requirement for one of my classes, I am going to take this opportunity and run with it. First, lets start off with some basic information about the person whose blog you are currently reading. My name is Audrey LeClaire (Lee-Claire), not LaClaire and please don’t spell it LeClair. That will get you some guaranteed eye rolls. I am a 22 year old sophomore majoring in Communication and minoring in Marketing. What I plan to do with my diploma is get a career in either Event Planning or working at a savvy PR Firm in downtown Indianapolis. When I am not in class I am working part-time at a local wing joint. If I am not doing one of those two things, you can find me studying, doing homework, cooking for my boyfriend or sleeping. On a rare occasion I can be seen doing Netflix and chill, literally.

Now, lets get to the point of this entire blog post. Here are three tips I found courtesy of Sonia Chopra Gregory:

  • Keep your headline simple, but not too simple to where it’s boring. No one likes a boring title.
  • Spell check! Let me type it again for the people skimming through this post. Spell check, spell check, spell check!
  • Respond to questions and comments readers have about your blog(s). It will only take a minute and show the reader you care.

The last tip I am going to write for this topic will come from me.

  • Be original and creative. Don’t try to be someone you think will get you a better chance of being noticed. The best thing to do for yourself is to be yourself. If you do that as well as be creative, you’ll stand out more than you think.


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